Our personal experiences

One of the most distinguishing factors of our culture show is that we always discuss important contemporary Vietnamese-American community issues through our cultural and artistic expression. Sometimes, it is really difficult for us to relate to the issues, whether it is because we have not experienced them ourselves or because we have no knowledge about them.

In recent years, we have talked about human trafficking and adoption history. But this year we’re talking about mental illness, something that each of us will encounter in our lives in one way or another.

Mental illness encompasses many things from depression to schizophrenia to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Complications in mental health take on all kinds of appearances – some have early onset, others are treatable, and still others are persistent and ongoing.

In the past, those who were deemed mentally “unfit” were isolated and cut off from society in the same manner as criminals. However, as time has gone on we have come to better understand mental illness, and invented effective treatments. But has our attitude toward the mentally ill changed? How are the mentally ill perceived in the world of today?

Here, we present to you our personal experiences with mental health and illness.