Producer’s note

I’ve written many things for Culture Show, from the script to social media posts, and from emails to press releases, but this note is the most difficult. It is more than a message to welcome you to our show.

It is not often that anyone takes on the role of Producer two years in a row, but that is what I have done, and I would not have survived this past year without my three minions, Linhtern, Gabby, and pAnhĐào. I’ve dedicated 3 years to this space, learning and growing as a scriptwriter, a director, and a producer, and now it’s time to say good-bye.

The past year has the most challenging year, with dwindling returning members, audience members, and financial support for the show. Additionally, the topic of mental illness is not easy to address, but this is the perfect finale to keep me proud for having made it possible for others to participate in a production like this. Now I can truly look forward to being a part of the audience. The amount of time, effort, and hard work that each cast and crew member puts into Culture Show each year never ceases to amaze me. This is not something that one person can singlehandedly achieve, even though sometimes it is easier to do things by oneself. The beauty of the Culture Show space exists as our reliance on each other to achieve something that is bigger than us. I hope that you’ll find this beauty in Ảo Ảnh: Between the Lines.

Welcome to Culture Show!

Jennifer N. Ho