Co-Ed Fusion Dance

co-ed fusion

Top: Jamesuel Nguyen, Diana Tran, Diana Duong, Ryan Quan, Truc Dinh, Jason Huynh
Bottom: Khoa Dao, Thien An Vu, Tue Tran, Vivian Vo

This year’s Co-Ed Fusion dance breaks away from its typical mold of incorporating traditional elements by taking a new approach. In Stolen, Co-Ed Fusion combines contemporary, hip-hop, and ballroom dancing techniques, taking Fusion to a different level. Co-Ed Fusion brings together five couples, creating more than just a performance but rather an intimate connection between the partners throughout the dance.

The Co-Ed Fusion performance takes place within the brothel. Throughout the dance, the exchange between the partners showcases a common scene within the brothel: robotic seduction from the females while the men vigorously attempt to make their money’s worth of pleasure.

I enjoy being the coordinator and choreographer for Co-Ed because the dancers are all willing to step out of their comfort zone to produce this piece of art, and I have the chance to work with such an amazing team of choreographers. Through the struggles and achievements of Co-Ed Fusion dancers, everyone has improved tremendously. I LOVE CO-ED FUSION!

-Diana Duong

As a coordinator and choreographer of Co-Ed, I really enjoyed seeing all of the dancers grow, developing a better sense of movement, better chemistry with their partners, and ultimately a love for dance. Everyone has put in a great deal of work and effort and I can’t wait to see them perform on stage.

-Jamesuel Nguyen