Jazz Lyrical Dance

Jazz Lyrical

Rich Nam, Pauline Luong

Jazz Lyrical manifests this year as a modern contemporary duet between the innocent Tuyết and the licentious Cường. Its story revolves around Tuyết’s loss of virginity after her kidnapping into the brothel. The chosen song lyrics echo the violence of the partner and the inability of the young protagonist to do anything against his actions (“don’t…oh, smash…please”) and how he “bulldozed the life out of” her. Interaction between the two dancers is one of domination on Cường’s part and fear, pain, and agony on Tuyết’s part. It progresses from separate moves to a merged style that ends with Cường in full possession of Tuyết’s body.

A duet is something I have always wanted to do, and the setting of Jazz Lyrical this year is perfect to highlight the intense emotional and physical relationship between two people.

-Pauline Luong