Sriracha Hip-Hop Dance


Back: Huyen Kiki Vo, Alex Ho, Dinara Azimova, Jessie Mai, Nhi Nguyen, Tammy Tuyet Truong
Front: Theresa Hoang, Shawn Han, Michelle Sri, Eric Chen, Candace Nhung Le
Not Pictured: Derrick Cheng

Appearing in the second half of the show, Sriracha’s performance follows the emotional progression of Thúy Kiều, a victim of human sex trafficking. We enter as the shadows that surround her while she wanders down a dark path, instilling fear as we stir up painful memories of the aggression and abuse she suffered. Following this painful recollection, we become the light that brings her to the realization that her suffering did not defeat her, but only made her stronger, giving her a hopeful outlook for the path ahead.

Contrary to previous years, this year’s Sriracha is a small 12-dancer team comprised of mostly beginning dancers, some who are doing hip-hop dancing for the very first time. With the creativity and training from our four talented choreographers, Sriracha has grown as dancers and as a team and is very excited to perform in this year’s Culture Show.

-Candace Le