Traditional Dance


Back: Trinh Tran, Ai Hua, Thien An Vu, Jenny Tang
Front: Diana Duong, Mi Hua, Minh-Thy Nguyen, Candace Le

Traditional Dance exemplifies the elegant beauty of Vietnamese women through graceful gestures. This year’s dance interprets our main characters’s longing for her mother whom has greatly sacrificed to protect and care for her. Contemporary elements have been incorporated to display the anguish and grief Thúy Kiều goes through as she misses her mother. The white lotus signifies Tuyết’s innocence, which becomes tainted and renamed Thúy Kiều.

I am really excited for the Traditional Dance because it will be the first time I will be dancing with ribbons. I am excited to see the final work of our piece. The girls of Traditional worked long hours to improve on gracefulness of the dance. It makes me so proud seeing the dance come together.

-Diana Duong

Culture Show showcases a variety of dances, but I think Traditional is unique because it is culturally Vietnamese and displays the grace and poise that Vietnamese women take pride in.

-Candace Nhung Le