Audition dates & times for Culture Show 2014 are listed below. If you want to audition for something but cannot make it, just let us know!

Directed by André T. Nghiem and Rebecca Shirsat

See [here] for more details. Check dates and times & sign-up for a time slot [here].

Coordinated by Tram Nguyen & Tu Tran

If you’re interested, please fill out this [form].

Coordinated by Kenneth Perng and Nhan Thanh Vu

Auditions are over, but it’s not too late to join Sriracha!

E-mail Nhan at and join the event on Facebook for more information.

Vocals, Lion Dance, and Guard auditions are over.

JAZZ LYRICAL dance currently does not have coordinators or choreographers. If you are interested in making this dance possible, please let us know!

Any general questions, comments or concerns you may have about Culture Show can be directed to Jennifer at

Thank you!