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Mental illness is a difficult topic to discuss. It’s a taboo topic in many families. But ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. This year, our show opens the book on one family and their history of mental illness. It tells the story of a mother and daughter struggling to overcome the taboo about talking about mental illness.

Thank you for interest in acting! This year’s Culture Show will be focusing on overcoming mental illness. Through the story, we hope to inspire hope and address the taboo behind mental illness. We are looking for actors that are interested in portraying characters with complex emotions and motivations. This is your chance to define a character on-stage!

No experience is needed! You only need a desire to act! To join, please sign up for an audition. We will contact you with the location after you sign up. Each audition will take about 20 minutes.

For auditions, please pick out a 1 – 3 minute monologue that you feel best suits you or the character you wish to audition for. You do not have to memorize your monologue. Look below for a list of characters. You do not need to choose a character but we suggest that you narrow it down to characters that you feel you could embody on-stage. We can help you choose if you are finding it difficult to do so.

Good luck! Please contact if you have any questions or comments.


Character Description
Kasey Kasey is a college freshman who is a passionate dancer. Though Kasey is a dedicated and ambitious dancer, she feels disconnected from her family (in particular her schizophrenic mother); frustrated with her mom’s absence; much closer to her father
Young Jennifer Daughter of Dan; strong willed, determined to please her parents and be a good daughter, focused on achieving in school; her slowly developing schizophrenia throws off her life focus and frustrates her; her strong willed stubborn nature makes her want to take care of herself and initally resist treatment; family is critically important
Older Jennifer Daughter of Dan; less strong willed now; the years of illness have worn her out to some degree, but she’s still determined to have her way; frustrated that she’s unable to talk about the illness; has accepted the taboo to not talk about her illness because her father (Dan) has forbidden the discussion; still trying to please her family; wants improve her relationship with Kasey
Dan The father of Jennifer and who keeps to Vietnamese tradition. He is reluctant and hesitant to tell anyone, including Kasey, the background story of how Jennifer developed schitzophrenia. He is stubborn and staunch in his principles.
Fhred Fhred is Jennifer’s supportive husband. He loves Jennifer, and used to be very accepting of Jennifer’s illness, but has fallen under Dan’s influence and doesn’t want to burden Kasey with the truth. To Kasey, Fhred is the “good” parent. He is the one that shows up to her performances, big life effects. He is there for her when she needs them to be.
Nancy Nancy is Jennifer’s older sister. Both Nancy and Jennifer are pressured to be doctors by Dan. Young Nancy is a senior in college who is preparing for her MCATs. Jennifer trusts Nancy, but Jennifer is too proud to ask Nancy for help often. Nancy is caring and supportive.
Various Extras Smaller, supporting roles in the story