1 Day Left Until STOLEN Arrives!

Stolen Cover

1 Day Left!

In a little more than a day, Cal VSA will be putting on our 2012 Culture Show! Titled Stolen: Nụ Sen Trắng, we will be addressing the important issue of human trafficking. The show will definitely make you experience a variety of emotions as our actors portray the moving story of our main character Tuyết.

Having watched our actors and performers hard at work these past few days at rehearsals, I can say that you will enjoy this show. Our team of more than 60 people has put in much time and effort over the past few months to make this show a reality. I am honored to be working alongside so many talented and hardworking people.

Please come to support us tomorrow! Your support tomorrow will mean a lot to us and to the future of Culture Show! Thank you and see you tomorrow!

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