More than just a show. It’s an experience.

Below is a note emailed to our actors by the lovely Jennifer Ho, Co-Director and one of our scriptwriters. We’ve witnessed so much effort and dedication from her, and we are truly honored for her participation in this year’s culture show.

Hi everyone,

I just want to let you know that I feel infinitely blessed to be working with you. This is my first Culture Show, and I had never expected to play such a large part in it. As you already know, I wrote parts of the script besides being one of your directors. In the middle of summer last year I initiated my involvement in Culture Show by submitting a story proposal (that is not our current story : P) to Rich and Vivian, and everything just happened from there. Nancy told you her Culture Show history at All-Cast on Saturday, and I wanted to too, but I couldn’t because I was nearly in tears. To be honest I ran off to cry right after the big huddle in the beginning.

I’ve met so many wonderful people, learned so many things, and constantly find myself doing things I never thought I’d be suited for. It is a great feeling to see everything come together, but I almost don’t want to see that happen, because then it will all be over. Even though at times I have suffered insane amounts of stress beyond my own control, I have an appreciation for Culture Show that I cannot express with verbal words… and my written words for it are not very good either… To be here, I am happy.

STOLEN – Nụ Sen Trắng… I hope that we will sell-out this year. We’re all working so hard; we should have all 2,000 seats in Zellerbach filled up, with all sorts of people – those who we know and love and those who are strangers to us, all of whom, whether new to Culture Show or not, will be affected by us. With our show, we will touch the hearts of each and every person there; I just know it. We have 13 days left. Especially for those in our audience who are experiencing Culture Show for the first time, let’s give them a reason to come back, to want to be a part of it, and to recall OUR SHOW as the show through which they felt the strength of our community reaching out to them and reeling them in to leave a lasting impression.

Ahhh I’ve written so much… I hope you don’t feel that I’m wordy and whatnot. These words are spilling out; my fingers are simply punching at the keys! Blindly too because I can’t see a thing right now… I’m bawling right now, and I can’t stop. Just so you know, I will probably randomly burst into tears on Tuesday, but don’t let it faze you and keep practicing!



We look forward to sharing this unforgettable learning experience with you all on April 21, 2012 at 4:00pm.

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