CS 2013 Story Proposals and CORE Applications

Ever thought about how you could shape the future of Culture Show? Perhaps a future Culture Show? Maybe Culture Show 2013? *nudge nudge* 😀

You know you want to! *wink wink* As of now there are two ways to participate. You can either submit a story proposal and affect what next year’s story will entail, or submit a CORE application and join the leadership team behind Culture Show.

To submit a story proposal, please fill out and submit this form: http://cultureshow.calvsa.com/story-2013-form/.

To apply for a CORE position, please fill out an application here: http://cultureshow.calvsa.com/core-2013-app/.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at culture@calvsa.com. We hope you’re as excited we are~ we’ll be anticipating submissions from you!

-The Culture Show 2013 Production Team

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