The Culture Show experience goes on!

It has been over a month since STOLEN: Nụ Sen Trắng came to life onstage. It feels like Culture Show just ends there – when we leave the stage, doesn’t it? The curtains came down, and behind them the cast hugged and cheered. Then some mere moments later it occurred to us that we had to clean up, so we hurried and rushed about to return props, to gather our belongings, and to leave the stage. Within half an hour we parted ways, and that’s it. The end of Culture Show season… but not quite.

It’s always Culture Show season. Culture Show is a continuing process. It’s true that each production itself from inception to development to completion to delivery takes about a year, but the Culture Show experience goes on. For those of us on CORE and in the cast, we’ve made friends and contributed to a community that we can’t find anywhere else. With these wonderful people we share good memories, bad memories, and weird memories. For our audience, we hope that you look forward to next year’s show, that you can’t wait to come back. For me, I haven’t stopped working on Culture Show at all.

Who am I? I should introduce myself, shouldn’t I? I go by Jennifer, and I author as Jennifer N. Ho. I co-directed and wrote for STOLEN: Nụ Sen Trắng, and I’m here today as your Producer for Culture Show 2013. I have a lot of plans for our upcoming production, and I hope you’ll stay around to see them follow through. Culture Show 2013 going to be amazing. I promise.

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