Meet the new Production Team!

Hi everyone,

Jennifer here, and Andre too (again)! We hope that you’re all having a great summer. We sure are, kind of. :/ (We would have even better summers if there were more applications to read *hint hint*.) Jennifer is trying to survive the dry heat while planning a lot of stuff, and Andre is enjoying the few precious days of freedom he has left until summer sessions start for him.

We’ve previously introduced Jennifer as your new CS Producer, but this is an official announcement regarding the entire Production Team. You may already know Andre as your Web Administrator, but everyone, please welcome him as your Assistant Producer! Rather than being just names that write at you, we’d like to be people with faces and stories, so here’s some interesting information about us that usually would probably be left unmentioned.

Wait! Before we get to that, please remember that Story Proposals are due Friday, June 22 (that’s in a little over a week), and that CORE Applications are due Friday, June 29.

Okay, now, here it is~

Silly kids.

CS 2013 Producer and Assistant Producer being silly.

Jennifer N. Ho
Born on January 16
From The Industrial City
Studying Architecture and Linguistics at UC Berkeley

Some facts…

  1. I speak American English, Vietnamese, some Korean, a bit of French, and truly random Spanish.
  2. I’m average height so fastigiums (pediments) are always above me. I’ll never be able to look at them straight on if I’m standing on the ground.
  3. I have a Glennmother and many other interesting characters in my life, including my long-time friend and roommate Brittany as well as my fangirl buddy Fanta.
  4. (BONUS) Currently watching kdramas ‘Big’ and ‘I do, I do.’

For Culture Show, I have two feelings that somewhat explain why I’m back as the Producer. One is the love. I’ve made many friends, learned a lot, and done things I never would have done elsewhere. One, and I’m not using “other” because they are simultaneous feelings, is the sense of responsibility. In short I’ve received a lot, so there’s a lot I’d like to give back. I’m not the best with being specific and concise with my words, especially with few words, so I’ll just show you what I want to give back by simply producing Culture Show 2013. Now, if only it was simple…

Andre T. Nghiem
Born on January 28
From The City of Fremont
Studying Molecular & Cell Biology at UC Berkeley

Some facts…

  1. I enjoy listening to rap and hip-hop, much to the surprise of my friends. I especially like jazzy-style hip-hop from producers such as Nujabes (RIP).
  2. Currently anticipating The Dark Knight Rises as I am a big Batfan. Why? Because Batman is awesome and not to be messed with.
  3. I am known to partake in spontaneous adventures such as random trips to SF or hikes on the beach at night.
  4. (BONUS) Current favorite TV show is Hawaii Five-0.

Having been somewhat tricked into joining Culture Show, I was a reluctant participant at first. However, Culture Show became a major positive part of my life due to the moments I experienced and the people I met. Culture Show was an opportunity for me to be a part of a community working together to bring a large production to life. Standing on the stage of Zellerbach Hall and watching everything unfold made me realize that Culture Show is truly more than a show. Thus, I am back for Culture Show 2013 as an eager participant early on.

Yes, we shamelessly introduced ourselves. Please introduce yourselves in the comments below!

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  1. Kathy says:

    It’s amazing how your guys’s columns line up perfectly!! Lol. Andre, how were you tricked into Culture Show??

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