Continuing the Tradition [+CORE Apps]

Last April we brought you Stolen: Nụ Sen Trắng which focused on and educated about human trafficking. With it we won the title of Outstanding Cultural Event of the Year. Our annual Culture Show always aims to bring to attention the domestic and global issues that affect the Vietnamese community as expressed through the show’s storyline. This year, we strive to continue the tradition with a story focusing on the historical event of Operation Babylift.

Operation Babylift is an event that is important to both Vietnamese history and adoption history. In 1975 over 3000 infants and children were airlifted from Vietnam and adopted by families around the world over a course of a few short weeks. These children were the bụi đời, or the dust of life, of war-torn Vietnam and had been cast aside into impoverished orphanages. They were offered new lives, and so their stories continue today.

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