‘So why VSA? Why Culture Show?’

It is only in this space that I have experienced the possibility of everyone looking only at the facts: that we all love VSA, that we all want it to and will make it thrive, that we all can genuinely smile together. Something like this, it can only happen as long as there is a ‘we,’ a wonderfully united ‘we’ where we all lean on each other. In this ‘we,’ we share each other’s burdens. In this ‘we,’ our burdens become lighter. In this ‘we,’ we have a safe space to speak up.

It is only in Cal VSA that there are people who can do this, who can open their arms to each other, and then in the same way open their arms to welcome others. This ‘we,’ we’re friends, family… community.

As this year’s Cal VSA Culture Chair, and as Culture Show 2013 Producer, I want to provide the same opportunity for others, for you. Of course it won’t be the same, since we are a different group, but we can be just as great, if not more.

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