Culture Show: Building Family and Lifelong Friends


Hello everyone!

This is your 2014 Culture Show Assistant Producer in charge of Story and Performance teams, Gabby Luu speaking! (Well, one of them. You’ll get to meet the other two lovely ladies soon.) I first joined the Culture Show family last year as a scriptwriter and eventually, co-director to the highlight of my freshman year: VERTIGO – Giữa Hai Dòng Nước. The feeling of witnessing the birth and growth of Culture Show and all its participants is a truly rewarding experience. Never had I been a part of something so large, so valuable…and this is why I chose to stand alongside our wonderful Producer, Jennifer, once again. I can say with confidence that the person I am today is much different than the brace-faced freshman stuttering through her first interview for CORE. Through Culture Show, I was able to gain a bit more confidence and a whole lot of trust in myself and those around me.

Last year, I met some incredible people whom I would consider lifelong friends. This year, I hope to see even more new people alongside familiar faces as we work together to build an even greater show, so get those CORE apps and Story Proposals in!7B6C9328

I look forward to spending the rest of the year with you~!

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  1. Jennifer N. Ho says:

    Oh man. What is Lena doing in first photo?

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