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CS 2013 Design Team

Linh (left) with her Design Team partner Nhi (right)

Hello everyone!

It has been four months since I wrapped up my duties as prop master for VERTIGO – Giữa Hai Dòng Nước. Even though Culture Show season ended for most members, it didn’t end for me. A few days after the show, I showed signs of what might possibly be Culture Show Dependency. For a very long time, Tuesday nights were reserved for CORE meetings. To combat Culture Show Dependency, I listened to the songs that were used in the production on those post-show Tuesday nights. The reason for my attachment to Culture Show is my interest in theatrical production. VERTIGO – Giữa Hai Dòng Nước is the very first show where I was involved in the production process and not just a member of the audience. For me, that opportunity to present my creative side while sharing memories with wonderful people was enough to make a lasting impression.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Linh Pham and I am here as one of the three assistant producers for Culture Show 2014. As head of Design Team and Technical Team, I promise to lead and cooperate with members of Culture Show to foster a professional and creative environment.

CS 2013 Design Team

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