Culture Show: Sharing One Goal


Hey there!

My name is Anh Dao Huynh, but you can call me “Anh” for short. I am a second year Economics major and I am the last of your Assistant Producers for the 2014 Cal VSA Culture Show!

I have been with Culture Show since last winter as Marketing Chair in Vertigo-Giữa Hai Dòng Nước. So what makes me want to come back this year? Hmm, probably to experience, all over again, what I consider one of the most exciting aspects of Culture Show, being able to witness the showpieces all together from beginning to end! Last year, I spontaneously and on a slight random note, signed up to be in CORE because I wanted to get involved like other new students. However, I started to love Culture Show more everyday. I loved the dynamics of being in a team, where we all cared and helped each other out. We came together for one goal: to try our best and make this show a night to remember. The feeling on Zellerbach stage was incredible, from the crowded audience, the large stage, the heartfelt story, to even the sounds and lighting effects. Most important of all though, it made everything worth it to see the smiles on everyone’s faces at the end of the day. The feeling was just amazing (I still have dreams about it till now)! You have to see it yourself in order to know!

As assistant producer, I will try my best to bring back the dynamics of last year’s CORE team. I am going to be working closely with the Public Relations Team this year. There is no show without the audience! And we will make sure to create that audience for you! Along with the rest of our Production team, our goal is not only to carry out a great Culture Show, but also to show everyone an aspect of Vietnamese culture and tradition. We want you to have a great experience with not just the show, but also with the people you will be working closely alongside.


I’m excited and hopeful for this semester. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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