Michael Pham, Scriptwriter

You’ve met the Production Team, now we’ll start introducing the rest of the leadership team to you! Here’s what Scriptwriter Michael Pham has to say about his role in Culture Show:

Trust me~~

Michael at a Scriptwriters’ meeting

My experience with Culture Show started last year when I played the supporting role Soldier in Vertigo – Giữa Hai Dòng Nước. Initially, I chose that particular role because it required the least amount of time commitment. I did not know if I wanted to invest so much time in it because I wanted to have time for other activities. However, after attending the first rehearsal and after getting to talk to other Culture Show members, I then realized that I wanted to commit more time to this community. I found ways to make more time for Culture Show while being able to participate in other campus organizations. I became very excited to attend All-Casts and acting rehearsals. Besides getting to act, I think the most important benefit was meeting new people and getting to know more about the Vietnamese culture.

Because I played a smaller part in Culture Show last year, I wanted to participate more this year. That’s why I chose to become a scriptwriter. It would give me the chance to be part of the leadership team and to see the intricacies associated with the show. But more than that, I wanted to share and incorporate my ideas into the story. Hopefully, we can make a story as creative and interesting as last year and create the same feeling of camaraderie among the Culture Show members. My personal goal on top of making a good show is to provide opportunities for the members to bond and learn more about Vietnamese tradition and customs. Trust me~~~

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