Nate Butler, Scriptwriter

Struggling to write,
You have to get creative.
Boxes? Thanks, but no.

First, a confession:
Corn fed, cornbread, white as snow.
Outsider, I know.

What got you involved?
(“You are not Vietnamese.”)
I saw Culture Show!

Tech, story, production.
Each one critical to the show.
How can I contribute?
There were so many ways to go.

But would I be welcome?
Did I belong in Culture Show?
I was worried for naught.
VSA gave me space to grow.

One year I worked in set.
Last year I acted in the show.
This year I use my words.
Crafting a story head to toe.

It’s been a challenge.
Our topic this year is hard.
Mental illness. …whoooa…

It touches us all.
Even if we don’t hear it.
Silence: status quo.

I can’t wait to see
How the story takes on life.
To April we go.

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