Kicking Off the New Culture Show Season

Culture Show 2014 – Ảo Ảnh: Between the Lines has been well over, but planning for Culture Show 2015 has just begun! At the moment, our team consists of two Producers: previous Assistant Producers and veteran Culture Show members, Anh Dao Huynh and Gabrielle Luu! However, we’re rather lonely on our own, so please consider joining us on the central leadership and planning committee, CORE! If there is something you’d like to see onstage this year, you can also send us your ideas for Culture Show through our Story Proposal form 🙂

Story proposals Due Monday, July 20, 2014.
CORE Applications Apply before the position you want is filled!

Having been with Culture Show since freshman year, we’ve been able to watch its immense growth from all the love and effort put in by its members and supporters. Culture Show has become a year-long marathon that we look forward to each year, and this year, we are determined to continue the tradition of taking our show a step further than Culture Shows of the past!

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at Here’s to another fantastical year~

– The Production Team

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