Okay, so it wasn’t me, but there are DVDs!

I haven’t worked that hard this summer on Culture Show, or at all really… No worries though, the dazzling and fabulous Producers Gabby Luu and Anh Huynh have been working all summer to make sure that they’ll bring the best Culture Show ever to you in the upcoming season. I can’t really tell you specifically what they have in store for you, but I hear that you’ll be introduced to the scriptwriters very soon! They’re only one and a half weeks into school, and they’re already having story meetings!!

Things are moving forward so quickly, I barely even remember the show we produced less than 5 months ago. Thankfully, you can now relive that show as many times as you want with the DVD. To reserve your copy, fill out this form: [click!], and Anh and Gabby will be in touch with you shortly. We only have a limited quantity, so make sure to order your copy before they’re all gone. I promise you won’t regret it.

After three years in Culture Show and due to graduation, I have to move on, but the community I was a part of and the friends I made haven’t and will never left me. The stories we strive to tell are meaningful, but without the most talented and compassionate people executing them, I don’t think we could put on such amazing shows. Gabby, Anh, and all you Culture Show kids, I’ll be watching you 😀

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