Assistant Producer: Tu Cute

1980505_10152330221839424_5129380268668703283_oHi Everyone! My name is Tu (pronounced like the number two) Tran. I am a third year Psych and Legal Studies double major. I am one of the 2 assistant producers for this year’s culture show. I remember my freshmen year floormate raging about how great VSA’S culture show was and how I missed out. I knew I gotta check it out for myself. I signed up to be assistant traditional coordinator… then eventually stepped up to be co-coordinators with an awesome girl. I also joined Sriracha dance team and wow, that was amazing. I came back this year because of the experience I had with Culture Show 2014. I have 2 years left here, and I want to make the most of it with some of the greatest, most creative and loving people ever.


Tu (left) with her 2014 Traditional co-coordinator Tram (right)

This year, I hope to make an impact on Culture Show like how it left an impact for me. I want to make Culture Show epic (or make it more epic than it already is!) I’m really excited for this year show because it is definitely different from all the culture shows I’ve heard of! I hope you guys are all ready. #cs2015


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