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Are You Ready For Culture Show 2015?

     In July of 1857, Napoleon III proposed the invasion of Vietnam. Motivated by French capitalism and the desire to conquer Asian territories for overseas markets, the French attacked. In 1887, French Indochina was formed, consisting of most of Southeast Asia, including Annam, Tonkin, and Cochinchina. From 1897 onward, […]

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Three More Weeks Until Culture Show! :)

Show day is almost here! Our actors and performers were hard at practice this past All-Cast, working to bring you a moving story of our main characters Lan and Chi. Our team of more than 70 cast and crew members have worked enthusiastically to bring you all an unforgettable show. […]

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One more month until Culture Show :) Great Job Everyone ^^

Guess what? There’s only one month left til Show Day! Our script is finalized and the performers are practicing hard to showcase their best performances in Zellerbach next month. Our set and costume designers have also been working dilligently to bring this year’s story to life. Make sure to come […]

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