Introducing the 2016 Producers


Hi there!

It’s Anh, Patrick and Tu! We are returning this year as your new Culture Show 2016 producers. The school year has just ended and we are also kicking off a new season of Culture Show again (it’s never too early to prepare for Culture Show ya know).

Anh – Although this will be my 4th year coming back to Culture Show, I can’t help but feeling nostalgic about the process again. I really enjoy being a part of such a grand production like this every year. I love seeing everything from the efforts, passion, all those long hours putting into this show to just come together on Zellerbach Stage in April. But more importantly, Culture Show and the people in it have given me the opportunity to grow so much as an individual and find myself among the welcoming community here. All of those factors make me want to come back and create the same experience for everyone who has and will be apart of Culture Show this year. And of course, the Production Dream Team wouldn’t be complete without the other two super awesome producers, Patrick and Tu. They have been with me along this Culture Show journey for the past few years and I cannot be happier to have them as my cos this year.

Patrick – Along with Anh, this will be my 4th Culture Show that I have participated in. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself being a part of such a large scale production as Cal VSA’s annual Culture Show. I was one of those freshmen who did not partake in extracurricular activities. Fast forward 3 years later and Culture Show has been a big part of Berkeley career (in addition to lion dance of course). I definitely would have not returned year after year if the experience was not well worth all the hard work that you put in being a part of this amazing show. You can only get as much out of Culture Show as you put in. In addition to the experience, I have met many of my greatest friends through Culture Show. While I have not been a part of Producer process before, I hope to be able to recreate the experience I have gone through these past 3 years and pass it on to the next group of people who will take the reins.

Tu – Unlike the other two producers, this will be my 3rd (and last) culture show. I got to know Culture Show 2014’s producer and I was like, “wow, she is amazing! Producing an entire show by herself and 3 assistant producers” I thought I would just stick to being a coordinator and never step up to a higher position. But that changed when I became assistant producer for Culture Show 2015. Then I told myself, “alright this is it. I’m done after this.” But ha, jokes on me cause I’m back. I can never really leave because Culture Show is part of my identity here at CAL. My undergrad experience would have not been the same if it wasn’t for it. Since it’s the last show for me, I’m really giving it my all. I want to create one of the best shows ever that will leave people talking about it even when it’s over with the other two producers. I’m super excited for this year! Im going to end my senior year with a bang by working with Anh and Patrick.

But wait, before we end this note, don’t forget that CORE application is now open. Help us bring on stage another spectacular show, or better yet…the best experience you’ll ever have here at Cal! 😀

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