Meet our 2016 Assistant Producers

Alyssa Nguyen 

As a past actress and intern for Culture Show 2015, I learned how great and important a role everyone in the production played.  Culture Show gave me the opportunity to value my Vietnamese culture as well as a chance to meet others who felt the same about Culture Show.  I owe Culture Show for making such a large event memorable for me.  Although this will only be my second year being a part of Culture Show, I want to give back to the production by learning how it came to be backstage.  I’m excited to help my team make another memorable Culture Show and give students who have yet to be part of this wonderful production something to remember in their college experience at Cal.


Van Nguyen 

Hi there! Xin chào! Aloha! Bonjour!

My name is Van Viet Thuy Nguyen, a second-year student at the University of California, Berkeley, with the intention to double major in Public Health and Molecular and Cell Biology: Immunology and Pathogenesis at the University of California, Berkeley! Last year, I had the pleasure of being Cal VSA Culture Show 2015: Con Gai’s Co-Ed Coordinator, dancer, and actress. This year, I have the bigger pleasure of returning to Culture Show 2016 as a co-assistant producer! I’ve wanted to be a part of Cal Culture Show since before my senior year of high school, and that came true as a part of my incredible VSA journey the past year. There’s so much to do with Cal VSA! When I’m not acting/dancing/co-assistant producing, I represent Cal VSA as an affiliate in the United Vietnamese Student Associations of Northern California as the Intercollegiate Council Chair 2015-2015 and Co-Intercollegiate Council Representative. Last year, many of our affiliate schools were able to attend Culture Show hosted by the University of California, Davis. I’m living the best of this VSA world, and I can’t wait for you to be able to experience that as well!

Looking forward to working forward to seeing you on stage or in the audience at Cal VSA Culture Show 2016.

Van Viet Thuy Nguyen (vroom vroom!)



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