CS 2016 | November Updates

Hey everyone!

We hope your Thanksgiving break was fun and well rested. It has been a while since our last blog post, but with everything that’s been happening, we definitely did not put Culture Show on hold!

Here is our CORE 2016 Team:

Producers – Anh Huynh, Tu Tran, Patrick Sysiong

Assistant Producers – Van Nguyen, Alyssa Nguyen

Directors – Andy Le, Anh Nguyen

Scriptwriter – Tina Tran

Design Team – Jasmine Lee, Charlotte Dinh, Jacklin Ha

Technical Team – Angline Nguyen, Tony Vien, My Tran

Public Relations Team – Tien Nguyen, Marlon Gonzalez, Annie Tran, Ryan Hoang, Tan Vu, Amy Pham, Hien Nguyen, Lina Nguyen, Nickki Nguyen

Performance Coordinators – Huy Ha, Andy Le, Quan Huynh, Tram Le, My Nguyen, Jennifer Vu, Phuong Le, Kimberlie Le, Annie Tsai

In spirit of the holidays, CORE team had a delicious potluck together! It’s a good development with the team so far and we can’t wait to kick off the next semester with a strong front! Unfortunately, production for Culture Show 2016 has increased in prices due to higher wages and labor costs. Our team is trying their hardest to make this year’s Culture Show a successful one as we reach out to our past producers and sponsorships to help us again this year!

With that said, we will have more information on the website and throughout next semester about performance involvements with Culture Show info sessions, auditions, and tryouts. Be on the look-out for the event pages via Facebook! Congratulations to our new CORE team and although there’re still a few more weeks until Winter break, Cal VSA Culture Show 2016 wishes you a Happy Holidays!

-Alyssa 😀

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