Countdown: D-10 Let’s Meet Our CORE Members

Save the date if you have not already: Saturday April 9th 2:00 – 5:00 pm at Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley. Bụi Đời: Dust of Life is only 10 DAYS away, but first we would like to show you our CORE members’ beautiful faces, as well as give them a shout out for all the hard work they have done this year! What is CORE? You may ask. CORE is the leadership planning team in charge of the entire Culture Show’s behind the scenes jobs. Although there are many positions in CORE and they all perform different tasks, they all have one thing in common, passion to make this production successful. Most of our CORE members are current college students, some are recent graduates, so they are very busy with school work and many other responsibilities and commitments. However, they all decided to come together as a team and have spent countless hours to make our show happen. And here they are:

Our Producers: (from top to bottom) Anh Huynh, Patrick Sysiong, and Tu Tran.

Anh-Huynh Patrick-Sysiong Tu-Tran

Our Assistant Producer: Van Nguyen


Our Director: Anh Nguyen.


Our Scriptwriter: Tina D. Tran.


Our Design Team: (from top to bottom) Charlotte Dinh, Jasmine Lee, and Jacklin Ha.


Our Tech Team: (from top to bottom: Angeline Nguyen, Tony Vien, and My Tran.

Angeline-Nguyen Tony-Vien My-Tran

Our Finance Manager and Fundraising Manager: (from top to bottom) Tien Nguyen and Annie Tran.


Our Marketing Manager: Marlon Gonzalez.


Our Media Directors: Ryan Hoang and Tan Vu.

Ryan-Hoang Tan-Vu

Our Historian and Web Admin: Amy Pham and Hien Nguyen

Amy-Pham Hien-Nguyen

Our Publications Managers: Lina Nguyen and Nickki Nguyen.

Lina-Nguyen Nickki-Nguyen

Our Lion Dance Coordinators: Huy Ha and Andy Le.

Huy-Ha Andy-Le

Our Traditional Dance Coordinators: (from top to bottom) Quan Huynh, Tram Le, My Nguyen, and Jennifer Vu.

12418933_10204281100306195_2944479121778811626_o Tram-Le

My-Nguyen Jennifer-Vu

And last, but not least,

Our Vocal Coordinators: Annie Tsai and Kimberlie Le (not pictured).


Thank you CORE for all of your hard work!

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