Countdown: D-1 Marketing Campaign

Show day is tomorrow! We all are filled with different emotions. For some, Culture Show will be their first time performing in front of hundreds of audience. For others, this Culture Show will be their last time perform as an undergrads. Regardless, we are proud of each and every individual who has put their hearts and souls in order to make our show happen.

Over the past few days, we have been introducing our performances and our talented performers. However, we have yet to introduce the people who have been working really hard behind the curtains. They are the people who often time don’t receive enough credits for their hard work. Therefore we would like to give dedicate this space to thank our PR and Marketing teams. They are the ones who created the beautiful graphics, posters, videos that you have seen over the past month. They are the ones who have been advertising, flyering, spreading the words out there because at the end of the day, what is a show without an audience, right?

Since we already covered our PR briefly in our first post of in our 10-day count down blog series (, we want to introduce our Marketing Team:


(Marlon – Marketing Chair)

12946795_1739301432950491_1952549868_o ( Kendra Tran)

12959591_1023730444373264_134568293_o (Twee Mac)


(Tien Nguyen)


(Chau Pham)

Besides the traditional advertising methods of passing out flyers on Sproul, posting posters all over campus and around Berkeley, this year our marketing team came up with a creative idea of using the popular Snapchat app to document our behind the scenes and practices. We also were able to create a Snapchat filter specifically for Culture Show. It’s really awesome and everyone should try it. In addition to that, we launched a massive countdown Facebook cover photos where our cast and crew members would change their Facebook cover photo everyday and add a fun fact or two about the themselves. On an end note, we would like to once again give our biggest thanks to our everyone who has been a part of Culture Show this year.


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