Countdown: D-3 Vocal Performances.

Show day is only 3 days away and we have touched on various performances that will be live on the stage of Zellerbach and you might have thought that we forgot one really important component that makes Culture Show what it is. That really important component is our Vocal Team.


top row:  Quinton Dang, Tina Tran, Anh Huynh, Amy Pham, Jackline Vo (from left to right)

bottom row: Dustin Tran, Nicole Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Athena Fong, Nickki Nguyen, Annie Tsai (from left to right).

Culture Show Vocal Team is comprised of talented individuals who love to sing and want to breathe life into our show. Our Vocal Team will be performing various selections in both English and Vietnamese, each of which captures different feelings of the characters throughout the play. They will also be performing the Vietnamese and American Anthems. Our Vocal Team have been practicing every week for a few months and they are ready to rock on stage.


(from left to right): Jackline Vo, Nicole Nguyen, Dustin Tran, Quinton Dang.

Let’s hear what Jackline Vo, a 4th year and a veteran, talks about her experience:  “this is my 3rd year of doing culture show so, it’s a production that’s close and dear to my heart. I joined vocals team because my em, Nicole, had asked me to and there would be no greater honor than getting a chance to perform in front of a crowd with my em. I’ve always loved music growing up, and didn’t really sing until high school when I gained some confidence, so joining culture show and getting in touch with my roots but also gives me confidence. This year I rejoined because I get a chance to sing again with my em and my grandem, but also a chance to perform on stage with some of my closest friends I’ve made through VSA.”

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