Countdown: D-5 Ribbon Dance

What is Ribbon Dance? “Ribbon dance is a mix of sharp, precise, and rhythmic movements. By using long colorful ribbons, the dancers are able to synchronize their movements to captivate the audience with their patterned movements.” (Jennifer Vu, Ribbon Coordinator)

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(Ribbon Dance, Culture Show 2014)

What can we expect from Ribbon dance this year? “Through this year’s performance, the ribbon dance team tries to embody the main character’s feelings of sadness and hopefulness. Here’s the blurb about why I joined CORE: The last time I was involved in culture show was my freshman year of college. It was such an amazing experience, that I wanted to come back and be apart of the planning team before I graduate. I’m so happy that I decided to join this team to create an amazing production! I’m really happy with how the dance turned out to be and can’t wait to share with you all the choreography that my team and I have worked so hard to practice for!” (Jennifer Vu, Ribbon Coordinator).

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(Ribbon Dance at all cast 4)


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