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Hiyah! Although this is only my second Culture Show, last year’s amazing experience definitely convinced me to come back and help create another heart-throbbing, mind-blowing, one-of- a-kind show for the history books. As the costume designer for Culture Show 2016, I was able to see the show come together from the design team’s perspective. Albeit most of the work was done beforehand and on the sidelines of the show, it was a super rewarding experience to see everything magically come together. No matter how many times I saw fragments of the performances—ribbon dance, traditional hat dance, lion dance, Sriracha hip hop dance, and vocals—and no matter how many times I read over the script and saw the performance, somehow show day still managed to make me laugh, cry, and stand frozen in awe. From the late nights to the early mornings, from all of the stress to all of the fun that we had, I couldn’t have asked for a better CORE team. This year, I am excited to partner with my kickass co-producer, Van Nguyen—my twin, my better half, my jewel in the crown <3 – as we take on this year’s mission to recruit yet another dream team and make all of our dreams of a bigger, a badder, and a breathtaking culture show come true!

– Jacklin Ha | Producer

Xin chào! ¡Hola! Hello! Hooray!

Tên tôi là Nguyễn Viết Thùy Vân. My name is Van Viet Thuy Nguyen! I am a third year, intended double major in Public Health and Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!), and I am so honored and excited to be a co-producer for the Cal Vietnamese Student Association 2017 Culture Show. Born and raised in San Jose, California, home to some of the most delicious Vietnamese food in the Bay Area, I came to college wondering when I’d be able to go back for that food. Thanks to Cal VSA’s frequent bánh mì sales on Sproul and chè at its monthly meetings, I don’t have to!

I knew before coming to Cal that once I was there, I was going to be a part of Cal VSA Culture Show. Seeing the recap video for Culture Show 2014: Ảo Ảnh: Between the Lines made me incredibly impatient for the coming production, leading to my intern position for VSA’s culture chairs my first semester here. Since then, I have been a character, dancer, coordinator in the past two productions, as well as assistant producer for last year’s Bụi Đời: Dust of Life. I got to discover my current favorite Vietnamese pop artists, I got to see students of all different backgrounds gather to perform for the shows一I got to be a part of Cal VSA Culture Show. I hope you will join this family as well!

Wishing you a wonderful day! 

P.S. See you at the show 🙂 – Van Nguyen | Producer

This will be my 3rd and final year being involved in Cal VSA’s Culture Show. I can truly say this annual production has been a prominent highlight during my college years and I’m sad that my last show is coming up very soon. However, I am not only feeling sadness. I’m excited, thrilled, nervous, and mostly happy as we start planning for Culture Show 2017. Most of these awesome emotions come from knowing that I will be accompanied by the show’s elected Producers, and also dear friends of mine, Van Nguyen and Jacklin Ha. These two individuals are just a few of the wonderful friendships I’ve crafted through Cal VSA Culture Show and I’m excited to meet more. That’s the reason I keep coming back. This opportunity gives the community not only a well-produced show to watch but also a chance to participate in hobbies they might not have the chance to do so otherwise, such as lion-dancing, graphic designing, singing, and even acting. I hope that this upcoming year will present new visions (haha) and opportunities for people in Berkeley to partake in and as an upcoming Producer I will assist in making this possible!

Marlon Gonzalez | Producer

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