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Story Planning is in Session!

It’s been a few weeks since the first Story Team meeting and the scriptwriters have all they need to start outlining the script for CS 2015! Here is a sneak peek of the main themes and a few key points in Act 1. SPOILER ALERT! (Kinda) Who are the masterminds […]

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Kicking Off the New Culture Show Season

Culture Show 2014 – Ảo Ảnh: Between the Lines has been well over, but planning for Culture Show 2015 has just begun! At the moment, our team consists of two Producers: previous Assistant Producers and veteran Culture Show members, Anh Dao Huynh and Gabrielle Luu! However, we’re rather lonely on our own, […]

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Culture Show: Building Family and Lifelong Friends

Hello everyone! This is your 2014 Culture Show Assistant Producer in charge of Story and Performance teams, Gabby Luu speaking! (Well, one of them. You’ll get to meet the other two lovely ladies soon.) I first joined the Culture Show family last year as a scriptwriter and eventually, co-director to […]

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