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Producer and Assistant Scriptwriter, Culture Show 2013 Director and Scriptwriter, Culture Show 2012

Okay, so it wasn’t me, but there are DVDs!

I haven’t worked that hard this summer on Culture Show, or at all really… No worries though, the dazzling and fabulous Producers Gabby Luu and Anh Huynh have been working all summer to make sure that they’ll bring the best Culture Show ever to you in the upcoming season. I […]

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What would you like to see?

The Culture Show process is starting NOW, and we want to know what YOU would like to see in the 2014 season! To participate at this time, you can either submit a story proposal, or submit a CORE application to join the leadership team behind Culture Show. For more information, please refer to […]

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It’s time for the Culture Show 2014 season!

Culture Show 2013 VERTIGO – Giữa Hai Dòng Nước ended successfully two weeks ago, and Cal VSA elected a new Cabinet last Thursday… so what has changed? The new Cal VSA President is our very own André T. Nghiêm! Congratulations André! That’s not all though. It’s also time to welcome […]

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Brace yourselves for VERTIGO!

TAH-DAH! We are now selling tickets to this year’s Culture Show, VERTIGO! You can get your tickets right at this moment online at [Ticket & Directions], or buy them directly from any cast or crew member. To celebrate this as well as Spring Break we’re having a Kick-Off. Come join […]

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Culture Show Info Session 10/17

Cal VSA is hosting a Culture Show Info Session just for you! You’ll learn about CORE, the leadership and planning committee behind the show, and about how to participate as a performer. CORE Applications are due Monday, October 22 at 11:59pm, so come find out what Culture Show is all […]

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‘So why VSA? Why Culture Show?’

It is only in this space that I have experienced the possibility of everyone looking only at the facts: that we all love VSA, that we all want it to and will make it thrive, that we all can genuinely smile together. Something like this, it can only happen as […]

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Continuing the Tradition [+CORE Apps]

Last April we brought you Stolen: Nụ Sen Trắng which focused on and educated about human trafficking. With it we won the title of Outstanding Cultural Event of the Year. Our annual Culture Show always aims to bring to attention the domestic and global issues that affect the Vietnamese community as […]

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Stolen: Nụ Sen Trắng, 2012 VSA Awards Finalist!

A few weeks ago Stolen: Nụ Sen Trắng was nominated for a 2012 VSA Award under the category of Outstanding Cultural Program/Event. After much anticipation, it has been officially announced that we are a finalist! This is very exciting for all of us at Culture Show HQ.  The winners will be […]

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Meet the new Production Team!

Silly kids.

Hi everyone, Jennifer here, and Andre too (again)! We hope that you’re all having a great summer. We sure are, kind of. :/ (We would have even better summers if there were more applications to read *hint hint*.) Jennifer is trying to survive the dry heat while planning a lot […]

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CS 2013 Story Proposals and CORE Applications

Ever thought about how you could shape the future of Culture Show? Perhaps a future Culture Show? Maybe Culture Show 2013? *nudge nudge* 😀 You know you want to! *wink wink* As of now there are two ways to participate. You can either submit a story proposal and affect what […]

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