All-Cast I

LOCATION: Dwinelle Plaza

PURPOSE: Meet & greet, help out Set Designers, learn about the story!

CORE call-time is 1:00pm
Cast call-time is 2:00pm

Time Activity
1:00pm Set-up for CORE photo shoot
1:15pm CORE photo shoot
2:00pm Conversation activity
2:30pm Set design – paint backdrops
4:30pm Story 101
7:00pm All-Cast I ends


What do I need to bring?
Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.
We will be painting backdrops for the show!

When is the cast photo shoot?
The cast photo shoot(s) will be at All-Casts II or III.
We will use your picture in the programs for the show, so that you receive proper
credit for for your work. Your photos will also be used in marketing materials.

What should CORE wear for the photo shoot?
GUYS: white button-ups with bow ties (provided by Nate if you don’t have one)
GIRLS: vibrant, spring blouses, dresses, skirts. No pants please.

Will there be make-up available?
Not at this photo shoot. It is recommended that you put on basic make-up.