All-Cast III


Photo shoot at Wurster Hall
Rehearsal in 234 Hearst Gym
*Cal ID needed to access Hearst Gym.


CORE call-time is 2:30pm
Cast call-time is 3:00pm

Time Activity  Notes
2:00pm Set up for photo shoot Location: Wurster Hall
2:30pm CORE group photos
3:00pm Cast group photos Can also make-up individual shots
4:00pm Full Cast & Crew photo Don’t miss out!
4:20pm Group stretches Location: 234 Hearst Gym
4:30pm Rehearsal: Act 1 Performances: Traditional, Lion Dance, Vocals
5:30pm Rehearsal: Act 2 Performances: Vocals, Sriracha
6:30pm Dinner break
7:00pm Rehearsal: Act 3 Performances: Guard, Vocals
8:00pm Rehearsal: Act 4 Performances: Vocals, Traditional
9:00pm All-Cast II ends 4 weeks to Show Day!

Please show up on time if not early for your photo or your Act, note the times, and be prepared.
We have a tight schedule, so let’s not delay others.


What do I wear?
For CORE, the style is nice but casual (i.e. blouses for girls and button-up shirts for guys).
Try to show a bit of your own personality. The backdrop will be a concrete wall.

For the Cast, dress as instructed by your Coordinators.

Will there be make-up available?
No. It is recommended that you put on basic make-up.

What if I cannot make it to the photo shoot?
This is your last chance to get your photo taken for the program.

What do I do when it’s not my Act?
This depends on what your coordinator has planned for you. It is likely that you will be practicing
for your performance. During your Act, you are expected to be there the whole time.