Con Gái DVD Sale

Remember that monumental event back in April that explored Vietnamese history, culture, family, and women?

Well, the DVDs are now available for pickup. You can get a copy at this year’s Calapalooza (September 2nd) for only $10 each ($15 if you want to add in a t-shirt, WOW)! If you can’t make it to the event, please contact Anh Huynh to arrange a different time to get your DVDs. This is the perfect way to share the show with friends and family who couldn’t make it on show day and relive those moments onstage!

“But wait, my family can’t understand English. How can they watch it?” Thanks to the lovely Anh Huynh, CS 2015 DVDs come with VIETNAMESE (and some English) SUBTITLES. You have no excuse.

We are only making a set number of copies, so make sure you sign up RIGHT AWAY.

If you’re interested don’t just join the event! FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION TO ENSURE YOUR SPOT.

(If you cannot pick up in Berkeley, please coordinate with the Culture Show 2016 Producers to arrange a possible delivery by mail.)