Ticket Sales

Procedures & Expectations~

CORE members are expected to sell 15-30 (aiming for 30) tickets.
Cast members are expected to sell 10-15 tickets.
If you ever need more, let us know!

It is important to sell tickets because there cannot be a show without an audience. On top of that our success in ticket sales determines the fate of next year’s Culture Show. If we don’t do well, then we would be taking Culture Show away from others!

We’ve all worked really hard and dedicated a lot of time and effort, so let’s make this awesome. Let’s sell out Zellerbach Hall and fill up every seat ;D

All tickets and ticket money are due 2 days before Show Day, on Wednesday, April 7, 2016. You may turn them in earlier, as long as you have the money. We will not distribute more tickets to you until you have already turned in money for the first batch. Please make checks payable to “ASUC c/o VSA”. Please turn in your cash to Anh Huynh and/or venmo Tien (TweeTien-Nguyen)!

General seating: first-come, first-served seating – $12 pre-sale (what you have now).
At the door, these will become $15, so encourage people to purchase them before April 9! If you sell tickets to people traveling in from areas outside of Berkeley, you may leave their tickets at Will-Call on Show Day. Their tickets must be paid for in advance either through you or online.

VIP reserved seating$20 pre-sale only. This means that they will get escorted into their reserved seatings on Show Day. We can put tickets at will-call for VIPs, but they MUST pay before Show Day. They can either give you the cash/check or purchase the tickets online [click!].

Will-Call: Will-Call is a list of people who have purchased tickets but have not received the physical ticket or choose to pick them up on the day of the show. All VIP tickets and online ticket purchases automatically go on the will-call list. When picking up tickets, a photo ID must be presented, so make sure that the name on the list matches with the name on the ID.

Children under 2 years of age may attend the show for free. Everyone else will need a physical ticket on Show Day in order to enter Zellerbach Hall.